Die schwierigsten Videospiele aller Zeiten

Original-Post: Joystiq.com

As Bionic Commando Rearmed’s release reminded us today: Many games are just difficult by design. Gametrailers apparently had some prescience about our feelings on the subject and yesterday released a video featuring its list of most difficult games.
The video is packed with some of the most controller destroying titles in memory. Pretty sure many of you out there can join us in a moment of silence for all the friendships ruined over playing Battletoads co-op during the hoverbike level. Check out the video.



One thought on “Die schwierigsten Videospiele aller Zeiten”

  1. Devil May Cry 3: isch jo geil, “the first game ever that had to be re-released due to it’s difficulty (the japanese’ hard mode became the us normal mode)” – lol

    Ghouls & Ghosts Series: “you had to reach the end of a very difficult game only to be told, you have to start again from the beginning” – hahaha 🙂


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