So much to do, so little time

I could talk about a thousand things now, about how last week was, what I did on the weekend, and what we have been doing so far this week. The problem is: IT’S SO MUCH! Not that it’s too much but I really feel like I’m doing something all the time. No spare time for blogging, not even for reading RSS feeds. Even on the weekend, because I wanted to get to know the people instead of just sitting in front of my monitor and ignoring the rest of the world.

The good news is that I am having lots of fun and I am learning lots of new things. So far so good.

I’ll catch ya later.

PS: I’m really trying to also find some time for photos, but our schedule is really dense, and as you can imagine, other stuff like skyping with Claudia have a higher priority. And then don’t forget about food and sleep. I am human after all.

New York, San Jose, San Francisco

OK, let’s start from the beginning.
I arrived in New York on Thursday, finally got to see my angel Claudia again. We spent a wonderful weekend together, went upstate New York to Beacon with the train, hung around in Grand Central, went to Radio City Music Hall to see Margaret Cho, and went shopping together (yes, I let my girlfriend dress me and have to admit I look different now, but change is good, right?).
On Monday I continued to San Jose, where I met my fellow soon-to-be-coworkers, and checked into the hotel. Well, it’s not a hotel, it’s more like an appartment. I’ll upload some pictures later.
We had the whole Tuesday off, so Dorian and I went to San Francisco for the afternoon and evening, met other Swiss people and had a quick glance at some parts of the city. We’ll make have more on one of the weekends.
And now I’m sitting in Infinite Loop 1, Cupertino, Apple headquarters, and am we’re waiting for a certain Nancy to arrive and take us on an introductory tour. Booooooring! But at least I got the WordPress iPhone app installed and free WiFi.