Precaution is the mother of the porcelain box

Last week I dropped my iPhone. But it didn’t hit the ground. True story.
How can this be, you ask? Simple: I was wearing my headphones, which came with the phone, and they are just short enough and also tough enough to prevent my iPhone screen from possibly breaking into a thousand pieces.
So I was walking, and selected a new track and wanted to put it back into its protective sock, when it slipped out of my hand and started tumbling down in slow motion (I swear it was really going in slow motion like in a dramatic movie!). I already expected to hear an unpleasant shattering noise that would hurt my ears. My ears were hurt, but by the increased gravitational force of my headphones instead! Looking down, I found my preciousssss iPhone dangling just an inch above the marble floor. Whew!


2 thoughts on “Precaution is the mother of the porcelain box”

  1. There’s no better prevent-iPhone-crash-on-floor than wearing the headphones (of course having them plugged in to the phone). This prevented it TWICE for me, falling down to the floor when I was riding my bike đŸ™‚


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