This might take a while…

So I have a Drobo now since last week. It’s working beautifully and just as advertised. Love it!

Originally, I had two 500GB drives and two 400GB drives in there. But I already ran out of space so I decided to sell both 400GB drives to a friend and replace them with 1.5TB ones. So far so good, but Drobo takes quite a while to reorganize and protect my data. Time to relax and drink a cup of tea. Or two. Or a hundred.

This might take a while…

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4 thoughts on “This might take a while…”

  1. congrats on the drobo. Han zwar kein drobo aber es Netgear ReadyNAS mit 8 TB. Dank X-Raid 2 heds es genau die gliche funktione wie de drobo, nur das ich 1 gbit lan scho debi han, bim drobo bruchsch ja no drobo share zum das teil via netwerk choene zshare.

    Gruss Chris


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