The Onion nails it again

Some of you may have heard of the Onion News Network or seen their news flashes. It’s amazing how professional it looks, you really have to look twice or even thrice to not mistake it for real news.
Though the following one is obviously not real news (considering the swearing), it absolutely nails it in terms of what’s going on these days with new tech products. Not always, but sometimes.

Not work

Right now, I could talk about work all the time, because I had a customer on Tuesday morning who drove me insane. I was about to wave the white flag and walk away, not because of technical difficulties, but because of how her personality. But in the end, all went well.
Like I said, I could go into detail here, but I’m not gonna. Life is too short to talk about work all the time!

So I got this new app for my iPhone: Dr. Awesome. And let me tell you, it’s awesome (duh!). You tilt your iPhone to roll a ball around and trap the virtual viruses.

Though it gets repetitive over some time, it’s absolutely worth the CHF 1.10, I mean come on, you spend at least tenfold that amount on your lunch every day. Thank you, Tony, for suggesting Dr. Awesome! Let’s go eat Penne alla Arrabiata!

Another new awesome app I’ve got is Tap Tap Dance. It’s not free, unlike it’s brother Tap Tap Revenge, but if you like Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk and Justice, you’ll be delighted.
I have only been playing Tap Tap Revenge because I didn’t want to spend money (my middle name is Scrooge). But when I tested it on the iPod touches we have on the floor, I had so much fun when I discovered, that there are now notes to play with two and even three fingers.
If you have the rhythm in your blood, buy it. If not, take instrument lessons.

So it seams my Angel has finally decided to move to Miami. If all goes as planned, I will finally see her again in April at her new home. In the meantime I am promoting her blog and helping her with the technical challenges.

She doesn't like LA

Claudia has stranded at the airport of Los Angeles. She was looking forward to being in Las Vegas soon, but because of delayed flights (and we all know how much we all hate delayed flights) she is now in LAX instead of LVS.

Quote: “I’m so bummed out.”

My thoughts are with her. Personally, I like strolling around at airports, but not waiting unable to do anything but hearing the boring music on your iPod you’ve listened to over and over again.

Who you gonna call?!

Continueing from my previous post, I’ld like to point out a particular awesome gang: The Ghostbusters!
I mean come on, they have Proton Packs, Ghost Traps, and most important, they drive around in their awesome Ectomobile which makes that unique siren sound. Also, there will be a new video game soon. (Actually, the old trailer is a lot funnier.)

The Ghostbusters are so well known in pop culture, you can ask anyone on the street, on the bus or in your office or school: “Who you gonna call?!” and they’ll respond to you with the only possible answer. Try it out, it’s fun!


Being awesome is important. If you’re not awesome, you lose.

awe•some |ˈôsəm|


extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear : the awesome power of the atomic bomb.

informal extremely good; excellent : the band is truly awesome!

ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the sense [filled with awe] ): from awe + -some.

The word itself may seem overused, especially because most people I know from the US of A apply it to all kinds of things in daily life. Don’t be fooled! Most things in life truly ARE awesome! And for those things that aren’t, if you approach them in an awesome way, they will also become awesome.

Figure out what awesomeness means for you and how you can be awesome in your own way. If you’re having trouble, don’t worry, you’ll achieve awesomeness when the time is right.

To my dear readers

Don’t worry, although the title sounds like bad news, it’s good news (maybe to you in the end it’s not, in which case you are invited to come over and have your brain washed, so that everything I tell you sounds like good news).
Long story short: I decided to give more love to my blog here, so that you may enjoy all the wonderful stories I so urgently need to share with you and everybody else out there!

In addition, if you know people who are not reading my blog yet (curse them!), you can draw them in using one of the colorful buttons below.