She doesn't like LA

Claudia has stranded at the airport of Los Angeles. She was looking forward to being in Las Vegas soon, but because of delayed flights (and we all know how much we all hate delayed flights) she is now in LAX instead of LVS.

Quote: “I’m so bummed out.”

My thoughts are with her. Personally, I like strolling around at airports, but not waiting unable to do anything but hearing the boring music on your iPod you’ve listened to over and over again.


One thought on “She doesn't like LA”

  1. What I do if I am stuck at the airport is to first stroll around and sit down in star bucks, have a nice cup of coffee / tea. Afterwards I will usually look for free Internet or just take out my iphone/psp/nintendo ds and start gaming until my flight is called 🙂



    btw. I AM BACK in CH, FINALLY, YES 😀


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