What happens when you cross the streams?

I’m getting more and more excited about the new Ghostbusters game, although we don’t know all that much about it yet. Why do I get excited then? It’s… it’s simply the Ghostbusters, and they’re awesome!

But here’s an interesting fact: In this post the good folks from joystiq report that there’s gonna be several multiplayer options in the game. But …

The problem, see, is that Atari forgot one important piece of information concerning any Ghostbusters multiplayer experience: What happens when you cross the streams? It’s a vital detail and, frankly, we’re shocked it’s not even mentioned.

Because we know what happens when you do:

Ghostbusters with Action Figures

Until the game is released, I guess I’ll drive around Paradise City with the legendary Ectomobile (part of the Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars).

Apple Logo on MacBook as a secondary display

Found this via this fscklog post (which originally links to this engadget post). Put your g33k cap on and watch the following video!

Apple LCD Logo Mod

Isn’t that awesome?!

Pitcairn Island — The Middle of Nowhere

I stumbled upon this Wiki Article about the Pitcairn Islands as I was looking through the list of country calling codes, trying to find out where my sister sent me a text message from (somewhere central america). There are 3 places with no calling code: Antarctica, Kerguelen Archipelago and Pitcairn Island.

If you’re looking for freedom and a place where (almost) nobody and nothing will disturb your peace, this is it.

Pitcairn is literally in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean to be correct. There are exactly 48 people living on this island, which has an area of 4.6 km² (1.7 mi²), that’s about the size of Central Park, and there’s no harbour or airport and no landline telephone or TV. There is, however, “one Government-sponsored satellite internet connection”. But apart from that, the islanders are pretty much on their own.

I imagine this place to be very peaceful. No loud city noises, no traffic, and water everywhere you look. I guess that’s why they call it the Pacific Ocean. And hey, I could totally see myself living there. They have internet after all ^^

Find out more about the island here and here and here.