Connecting Twitter and WordPress with Twitter Tools

On twitter, I am known as @dikk (duuuuh!) but I don’t use very often, but still more frequently than my wordpress blog. I have 307 tweets now compared to 138 blogposts. Don’t underrate the blog though, for you can type an unlimited amount of characters as compared to only 140 characters! The purpose of each is different.

One of the purposes of twitter is for example to inform your twitter followers of things you have to say that take up more space than just 140 characters, and may even include multiple graphics (yay!), like my friend @oliverattweetin and his blog oliver @ blogging. He uses twitterfeed to auto-post a blogpost to his twitter. I also want to auto-post to my twitter, but will try a different tool: Twitter Tools, a wordpress plugin. Let’s see if it works.

Ok, didn’t work the first time. Let’s try this again.

Now it’s working!


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