This week in Awesome: 'Splosion Man

As Awesomeness continues to spread the globe, this man is so awesome and full of excitement, that he literally explodes: ‘Splosion man. Yes, you read correctly.

‘Splosion Man is an XBOX Live Arcade game about – you guessed it – ‘splosions. He will do one thing only: ‘splode. The analog stick moves ‘Splosion Man left and right, and A let’s him explode. Also, B let’s him do the same thing. Oh and X and Y as well, by the way. How do you jump, you ask? Explode.

To put it simple: It’s a platformer. The goal is to get from the left side of the level to the right side (much like Sonic or Mario). It integrates ‘splosion puzzles and higher levels require precise timing. Don’t worry, by the time you get to those higher levels, your ambition to beat the game will already have grown so much, you will not want to put down the controller. ‘Splosion Man is simply adorable. And the music… don’t get me started! Just fantastic. Sounds like you’re in the circus, so orchestral, full of tension and daredevilry. Just watch the videos below and listen! Or get the demo version from XBLA!

If you don’t want to watch all three videos, then just watch the last one!

Splosionman Trailer

‘Splosion Man level design

Oh and yeah, there are boss fights, and there’s multiplayer!

SplosionMan 2009 Trailer

Like countless times before, thank you for pointing out awesome games.


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