Reviewing a Classic: Back to the Future

Hey everyone, as part of my studies at university I was tasked with writing a short review about a movie of my choice. I decided to choose a classic that I believe everyone should have watched at least once: Back to the Future. Hoping that you will like it as much as my tutor did – the review and the movie – I am sharing it with you right here. Enjoy!

Back to the Future is the first of three action packed science-fiction comedies about Marty McFly and his time travels. The story begins in 1985 where his friend Doctor Emmet Brown (aka ‘Doc’) invents a time machine in form of a DeLorean sports car. Marty is accidentally sent to the year 1955 where he seeks the help of Doc’s younger counterpart to find an energy source to power the DeLorean and get back to the present (or from Doc’s point of view, the future, hence the title). However, things get complicated as Marty runs into his young mother who falls in love with him. Now he has to find his young father, who is a complete loser that his mother isn’t attracted to at all, and make them fall in love with each other, otherwise he will never be born and simply fade away.

Back to the Future is not the best movie in the world but probably the one with the highest ‘re-watch’ value I have ever encountered. The characters are well thought out, and the comedic situations they are put in as well as their reactions to it are guaranteed to make you laugh if not at least chuckle and smile. Together with the captivating musical score and a compelling story, this movie will glue you to your seats every time.

If you want the comedy of ‘Forrest Gump’ with less drama combined with the action of ‘Indiana Jones’ and an added element of ‘The Time Machine’, Back to the Future is for you. And even if you are not into any of these things, I recommend giving it a try and watching it anyway.


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