back online

My page is back online after it was down for quite some time.

As you might know, this website resides on a Mac mini at my home and runs WordPress. Internet outages are not the problem, but rather the aging Mac mini, or more specifically the hard drive that’s in it. Recently, it decided to just show me a blank grey screen after powering on. I thought the hard drive had died, but wanted to make absolutely sure that exactly that and nothing else is the case. I asked my good friend Oliver if he had a FireWire cable to spare so I could boot the Mac mini in Target Disk Mode and find out whether this was really the end. Luckily, it wasn’t, and it booted right back up as if nothing ever happened. Maybe giving the hard drive a break was enough to let it “catch a breath”.

But I know my hardware too good to let it fool me. I’ve seen hard drives die, than resurrect only to die again. Things inevitably break, that’s how the world works. But with hard drives, they tend to break when they’re not spinning, at least in my experience. So my solution is to never shut down the Mac mini ever again and hope for the best. The end will come sooner or later, but I am going to squeeze every last bit of usefulness out of this brave Mac mini and its hard drive as long as I can.


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