Photos of the ECTO-1

Have you ever witnessed the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor limo-style endloader combination car (ambulance conversion) [thank you Wikipedia article!] that is the Ecto-1, better known as the Ectomobile?


Me neither.

But I read a blog that has people going to E3 (last year) who have seen it, and have taken some photos of it. Seems to be the real deal. Read the full short article here and see the photos here.

Oh, how I love the Ghostbusters and their method of transportation!


This week in Awesome: Nintendo Mixtape

If you are my age, chances are you high you are playing 128-bit games today, stood in awe of 64-bit games, really got started with 32-bit games, but grew up playing mostly 16-bit games, always remembering your very first steps with 8-bit games. And this is where the Nintendo Mixtape grabs your attention, no matter what kind of music you listen to today.

8-bit video games featured simple music because of the technical constraints. But exactly because of this simplicity, everybody remembers those ever-repeating tunes. The rappers from “No Question?” dug out their old NES and sampled those tunes into a 18-track album called “Got Game?” aka Nintendo Mixtape.

For my part, I am not a big fan of Hip Hop, and this album don’t change that. But the mixture of new and old is what makes this compilation awesome. You can listen to all the tracks for free on or download ’em to your home computer to make a journey 20 years into the past (or even further!).

Like so many of my posts before, this one too was inspired by my dear friends at (original post here). They suggest to stop what you’re doing and suggest you start with “Double Dragons”.

This Week in Awesome: Serious Sam HD and its Supermercial

This is the first “This Week in Awesome” post I told you to be introducing earlier!

Serious Sam is an old game, but really a game because of its unique ass-kicking overkill. It wasn’t famous for graphics or sound or gameplay or story, but it did a splendid job at kicking ass, I mean, Sam did so.

Sam is very serious about his business, that’s why the game is called Serious Sam. Actually I have no idea why it’s called Serious Sam, it probably just sounds good. The thing that fascinated me the most about Seriois Sam were the huge maps (levels, stages, whatever you like to call them). You, playing Sam in first person perspective, would start out in a cave or something and then come out and see a huge wide and open plane before you, maybe surrounded by a few hills. And it was really huge. You could basically reach every point you could see, because all was part of the map and actually rendered, not like in other games where most of the background were pre-rendered flat images.

Here’s a little example of what I mean

See those little dust clouds in center right? Those are a few enemies approaching. And they are at least as tall as Sam (he’s a regular sized human). Now you get a feel for how far away the enemies are, and how wide and tall the buildings are.

Enough talk!

Serious Sam was awesome, and so was Serious Sam 2. A while ago, when Serious Sam HD and Serious Sam 2 HD were released, Sam continued to be awesome. They are on sale on Steam this weekend (probably outdated by the time you read this). Play it! It’s awesome.

And here is the commercial for Serious Sam HD (they call it a Supermercial!)

Serious Sam HD – Supermercial

More at

Thanks once again for drawing my attention with these two posts!

I want this 38cm tall glowing Super Sonic figure!

If you’re a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog like me, you will also start drooling over the following desirable object:

I found this on, the same website that brought you the eerie video featured in my last post. The original joystiq post for this Super Sonic statue is

It’s really more a statue than a figure / figurine, because it’s frikkin’ 38cm tall! (that’s 15 inches for you non-metric people)

And the best thing about it: the sparks glow!

There’s a cheaper version without glowing sparks ($140 instead of $160), but hey, what’s an extra twenty bucks, right? Nevermind that it’s really expensive in the first place, if you grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 like I did, it’s neglectable, because true love does not have a price tag.

Dear First 4 Figures, can you give me a more exact date than Q1 2011?

New addition: This week in awesome

Inspired by the name of the show This Week in Tech, I am giving you a new weekly blogpost category:

This week in awesome

This week in awesome will feature an awesome thing or story or picture or something else that I think is awesome, and you should definetely check it out. I’ve been posting some stuff about awesomeness before (see here, here and here) and I wanna continue doing that, but give it a common demoninator: This week in awesome.

Maybe I should change the name of my blog…

(By the way: This Week in Tech is also awesome!)