Indestructable USB flash drive by LaCie

This has been out for some time now, and I wanted to show it to you already, but never got around to posting it.

LaCie calls it the XtremKey. It’s a USB flash drive / thumb drive. But it’s not just any ordinary USB storage, it’s nearly indestructable (like the Terminator)! Check out this video and see for yourself. It withstands extreme temperatures and pressure situations!

World’s Most Adventurous USB Flash Drive – LaCie XtremKey

I am not endorsing LaCie or their products of any kind, but man they really did an awesome job at this little thing. Why hasn’t anybody come up with this before? Like Panasonic and their ToughBooks?

Find out more on the LaCie page.

Bricked Mac – a Mac made out of Lego

Bricked Mac – Time-Lapse

This time lapse video shows some talented people building a full size Mac Pro (or PowerMac G5) housing out of Lego! And they install the actual hardware! Amazing if you ask me.

According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, where I found this amazing video a long time ago, the case was submitted for the 2008 MacMod Challenge. Unfortunately, I’m blogging about this so late, that the link leads to a 404.

The original TUAW article is still up though:

Connecting Twitter and WordPress with Twitter Tools

On twitter, I am known as @dikk (duuuuh!) but I don’t use very often, but still more frequently than my wordpress blog. I have 307 tweets now compared to 138 blogposts. Don’t underrate the blog though, for you can type an unlimited amount of characters as compared to only 140 characters! The purpose of each is different.

One of the purposes of twitter is for example to inform your twitter followers of things you have to say that take up more space than just 140 characters, and may even include multiple graphics (yay!), like my friend @oliverattweetin and his blog oliver @ blogging. He uses twitterfeed to auto-post a blogpost to his twitter. I also want to auto-post to my twitter, but will try a different tool: Twitter Tools, a wordpress plugin. Let’s see if it works.

Ok, didn’t work the first time. Let’s try this again.

Now it’s working!

The Onion nails it again

Some of you may have heard of the Onion News Network or seen their news flashes. It’s amazing how professional it looks, you really have to look twice or even thrice to not mistake it for real news.
Though the following one is obviously not real news (considering the swearing), it absolutely nails it in terms of what’s going on these days with new tech products. Not always, but sometimes.

This might take a while…

So I have a Drobo now since last week. It’s working beautifully and just as advertised. Love it!

Originally, I had two 500GB drives and two 400GB drives in there. But I already ran out of space so I decided to sell both 400GB drives to a friend and replace them with 1.5TB ones. So far so good, but Drobo takes quite a while to reorganize and protect my data. Time to relax and drink a cup of tea. Or two. Or a hundred.

This might take a while…

Originally uploaded by dikk

Concerning the new Microsoft ads

So Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.

They make a great team if you ask me. The ads make absolutely no sense, and most people will agree with me on that. But they’re funny! Just the fact that Bill has a Shoe Circus Platinum Member Card is hilarious. And it has that super-old photo of him on it! I mean come on! If you’re a g33k like I am, you totally lol when you see that.

And the second ad, it’s so random, it makes you go o_0 but it’s so funny! At least that’s my opinion.

Whether the ads will make Vista sales go up or not, doesn’t matter to me. I’m sticking with OS X anyway, and hey, and least it’s good entertainment. And it’s free! Well it’s advertisement, so of course it’s free. OK some of you might point out that in the end, advertisement makes you buy stuff, makes you spend money, so in fact advertisement is not free! WRONG! Just don’t listen to the advertisement. Look at it as I do: free entertainment.

In case you haven’t seen the ads yet, here they are:

By the way: this counter-proofs that YouTube is not full of crap after all.
On the other hand, maybe it is. But at least some crap is funny.