LAN-Party: CAD 19

This weekend, there will be no This Week in Awesome post, because I am at the CTRL-ALT-DELETE LAN-Party until Sunday afternoon.

I have not been to a LAN-Party in ages. It feels so good to revive the good old non-stop gaming weekends, where you can forget about all your worries and just have fun for 48 hours straight (minus the sleep of course). I got here 4 hours ago and yes, I intend to sleep about 6 hours every night/morning, because I have a to drive back home again on Sunday, and an accident caused by falling asleep behind the wheel is the last thing I need.

If you like to read some of my old posts about my LAN-Party travels in German, feel free to scroll back many pages. I’m not going to link to them, because I just realized that all the posted photos are missing.

This photo was taken not at the current CAD, nor at any previous CAD, but I think is good representation of my peak when I visited many LAN-Parties and took about every electronic gaming thing I had with me.

That’s all for now. Have a nice weekend! More info on the last installement of the CAD, this LAN-Party series which has given us such incredible fun and community over the years, can be found at