My favourite little thing about OS X Mavericks

Screen Shot sleepimageMy favourite little thing about OS X Mavericks is the fact that the sleepimage file in private/var/vm is no longer the size of your complete physical RAM anymore! It’s much smaller, like only the active part or a compressed version or something. My sleepimage used to be 8 GB, now it’s only 1.1 GB! For someone like me who is always running low on hard drive space, this is a big relief!


StarCraft 1.15.3 Update

As some of you know, their has been an issue with StarCraft and new MacBook Pros with Mac OS X 10.5 and new iMacs (or was it even all 10.5 users? I don’t remember. Doesn’t matter anyway.)

So on my MacBook Pro 15″ 2.5GHz Core 2 Duo, StarCraft would not work. You open it, the Startup Options screen appears, you hit OK, but then it closes again, with no error message what so ever. Blizzard has noticed this. And now their out with a new update. Woohoo!

Thanks to this article from the good folks at, I was informed quickly and downloaded the update. But it’s no use, because it does not open.

Whatever error -4960 is, I don’t like it. I tried downloading it again, same issue.

Solution, anyone?

Photosynth is cool (but not cool enough)

I first heard about Photosynth when I saw the video by David Pogue (click on the video entry below that says Photosynth).
Watch that. You’ll immediately understand what Photosynth is all about. It’s a really cool concept! But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work on Macs yet. If you go to their website and try to look at something while on Mac OS X, it will say: “We’re sorry, but Photosynth currently doesn’t run on your operating system. Please see our system requirements listed to the right.”
Apparently, it wasn’t always that boring message. According to TUAW it used to display a much more ironic explanation. I’ll just quote from their original post:

If you thought the new Get a Mac ads were spot-on or funny, then you will definitely get a kick out of this. On Microsoft’s Photosynth website, they admit something that we’ve known for years: They’re not cool enough to run on Macs.