back online (again)

As you may or may not have noticed, my site was down for quite some time. This is because I moved to a new place where the portforwarding is not a generous as where I used to live. I may or may not explain this in detail in the future, but for we’re all happy that my site is back up, albeit not on the good old Mac mini anymore ^^


My favourite little thing about OS X Mavericks

Screen Shot sleepimageMy favourite little thing about OS X Mavericks is the fact that the sleepimage file in private/var/vm is no longer the size of your complete physical RAM anymore! It’s much smaller, like only the active part or a compressed version or something. My sleepimage used to be 8 GB, now it’s only 1.1 GB! For someone like me who is always running low on hard drive space, this is a big relief!

Get ready for more blogging

Alright, get ready for more blogging!
Deriving from the comments on my previous post I will continue to blog and bore you to death with every little detail and uninteresting fact about my geeky life. You’re all masochists!

The title for this entry “Get ready for more blogging” was inspired by this (old) clip advertising “Get ready for more Star Trek!”:

Click here to watch the ad on youtube (sorry, they won’t let people embed this one)