This Week in Awesome: Me

Even though in German self-praise is considered to smell badly, once in a while one may self-praise anyway.

First of all, last Saturday was my birthday. Boo-yeah!

I got this awesome gift from my room mate: Jamiroquais new album Rock Dust Light Star

It’s fresh, it’s funky, it’s disco-ey, it’s fast and slow, it rocks.

Get it for yourself!

Moving on: Remember my earlier post about how nerve-wracking work at the Genius Bar is sometimes? Well, forget what I said about that part. This post from another wordpress blog proves the opposite is true! Scroll down a little to see the photo of my happy customer and me.

Clearly, I am simply awesome.

The following wallpaper can be found at and is derived from Barney Stinsons quote and poster from “How I Met Your Mother”, as I found out later.

yes, you might wanna click on it and download the larger version