Bebot: wheeeeee!

Thanks to TUAW, this app by Normalware grabbed my attention and turned my iPhone into the most amazing synthesizer, Theremin, toy and cutest thing ever.

Bebot is what all the fuss is about. Bebot is an App for iPhone and iPad (and iPod touch, duh) which plays different sounds depending on where and with how many fingers you touch the screen. And based on different settings, you can alter its behaviour completely. My favourite setting is the Syntharp. Enough talk now, see for yourself:

Bebot Robot Synth for iPhone and iPod Touch

It’s so much fun! For just playing around as well as making really good music, as the following video shows:

Rudess Meets Bebot

I grabbed both videos from Normalware’s homepage. Kudos! Bebot is available at the App Store for CHF 2.20, $1.99, € 1.59, ¥230, or in whatever country you may be. It’s absolutely worth it! Yes it is!


Not work

Right now, I could talk about work all the time, because I had a customer on Tuesday morning who drove me insane. I was about to wave the white flag and walk away, not because of technical difficulties, but because of how her personality. But in the end, all went well.
Like I said, I could go into detail here, but I’m not gonna. Life is too short to talk about work all the time!

So I got this new app for my iPhone: Dr. Awesome. And let me tell you, it’s awesome (duh!). You tilt your iPhone to roll a ball around and trap the virtual viruses.

Though it gets repetitive over some time, it’s absolutely worth the CHF 1.10, I mean come on, you spend at least tenfold that amount on your lunch every day. Thank you, Tony, for suggesting Dr. Awesome! Let’s go eat Penne alla Arrabiata!

Another new awesome app I’ve got is Tap Tap Dance. It’s not free, unlike it’s brother Tap Tap Revenge, but if you like Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk and Justice, you’ll be delighted.
I have only been playing Tap Tap Revenge because I didn’t want to spend money (my middle name is Scrooge). But when I tested it on the iPod touches we have on the floor, I had so much fun when I discovered, that there are now notes to play with two and even three fingers.
If you have the rhythm in your blood, buy it. If not, take instrument lessons.

So it seams my Angel has finally decided to move to Miami. If all goes as planned, I will finally see her again in April at her new home. In the meantime I am promoting her blog and helping her with the technical challenges.

Precaution is the mother of the porcelain box

Last week I dropped my iPhone. But it didn’t hit the ground. True story.
How can this be, you ask? Simple: I was wearing my headphones, which came with the phone, and they are just short enough and also tough enough to prevent my iPhone screen from possibly breaking into a thousand pieces.
So I was walking, and selected a new track and wanted to put it back into its protective sock, when it slipped out of my hand and started tumbling down in slow motion (I swear it was really going in slow motion like in a dramatic movie!). I already expected to hear an unpleasant shattering noise that would hurt my ears. My ears were hurt, but by the increased gravitational force of my headphones instead! Looking down, I found my preciousssss iPhone dangling just an inch above the marble floor. Whew!